Fillings & Crowns in Highland, CA

Dental Fillings in Highland, CA

Dental Fillings

A composite filling is the restoration procedure of choice for treating a tooth with tooth decay. A composite is a tooth-colored filling that is made of ceramic and plastic compounds. These fillings mimic the appearance of natural teeth and are preferred by many patients and dental professionals. Schedule an appointment today to learn more. Our expert dental team in Highland, CA will be able to assist you.

Dental Crowns

A dental crown or cap is a tooth-shaped cover that is placed over a weakened or damaged tooth to restore its natural appearance and prevent further deterioration. Crowns are needed to replace a large filling, to cover and strengthen the exposed area of a tooth following a root canal procedure, to repair severely chipped or broken teeth or for cosmetic purposes.

When a dental filling is not a viable solution to correcting the damage sustained by a tooth, crowns can provide a long-term solution to restoring the function of your teeth and enhancing the appearance of your smile.

Dental Crown in Highland, CA

Zirconia Crowns in Highland, CA

Zirconia Crowns (EZ-Pedo Crowns)

Zirconia crowns are metal-free ceramic and natural-looking dental crowns that are aesthetically pleasing from all sides. They are designed specifically for children and make the experience for the child more comfortable.

Stainless Steel Crowns (SSC)

Stainless steel crowns are tooth-shaped caps that fit over an entire tooth. They are commonly used in dentistry for children to preserve baby teeth that have become significantly decayed or damaged.

As children grow, their primary teeth will eventually be lost to make room for permanent teeth, and they mustn't be lost prematurely. The premature loss of baby teeth can cause various complications that ultimately affect permanent teeth. Therefore, stainless steel crowns protect baby teeth until they are naturally lost.

When a small dental filling is not a viable solution or not enough to restore the tooth, stainless steel crowns are used to prevent further decayed or damaged.

Stainless Steel Crowns in Highland, CA

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