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Harbir Jhawar, DDS

Dr. Jhawar's journey into dentistry began with a robust academic foundation, earning a BS in Biology at La Sierra University in Riverside, CA. He continued to refine his skills, obtaining an MPH in Biostatistics and Epidemiology at St. George's University in Grenada, followed by an MBA in General Management at La Sierra University. His pursuit of excellence then led him to Loma Linda University School of Dentistry in Loma Linda, California, where he earned his dental degree.

Pioneering Pediatric Care: Dentist's Quest for Compassionate Dentistry

Following dental school, the amiable dentist, Dr. Jhawar, embarked on an enriching eight-year adventure working in various dental offices, expanding his knowledge and skills. Beyond mastering dental procedures, he became adept at utilizing cutting-edge technologies, ensuring that patients, especially children, felt happy and comfortable. Now armed with extensive knowledge, exceptional skills, and a compassionate approach to dentistry, Dr. Jhawar is set to embark on a new adventure – opening his own dental office. Driven by a passion to share expertise and kindness with the community, he dreams of creating a space where kids not only receive great care but also leave feeling important and excited about their smiles. This journey is the culmination of years of hard work, and Dr. Jhawar eagerly anticipates continuing to spread positivity in the lives of amazing kids at his very own dental practice.

Spreading Smiles Worldwide: Dentist's Joyful Mission Journey

Dr. Jhawar's significant heart and unwavering dedication to spreading happiness shine through in his remarkable mission trips to Jamaica and the Dominican Republic during dental school. Embracing tropical vibes, he went all-in on bringing fun to kids, turning every moment into a laughter-packed adventure for both young patients and the cool volunteer crew. The real magic unfolded during his time volunteering at Loma Linda Children's Hospital ICU, where Dr. Jhawar found his stride. Making kids light up with smiles and laughter became a superhero move, igniting his love for working alongside youngsters and kickstarting a journey powered by the pure joy of creating a positive, playful impact in the lives of these little champs.

Highland Heart: Dr. Jhawar's Dedication to Community

The City of Highland holds a distinctive place in Dr. Jhawar's heart, not just as the location where his family's business thrives but also as a community he is dedicated to supporting. Driven by a genuine desire to give back, Dr. Jhawar envisions creating meaningful and caring memories for the children of Highland. His commitment extends beyond the confines of dentistry as he actively seeks ways to contribute to the community's growth. With a blend of fun and compassion, Dr. Jhawar strives to foster an environment where both smiles and the community flourish. Through his family's business and personal endeavors, Dr. Jhawar aims to leave a positive, lasting impact on the vibrant community that holds a special place in his professional and personal journey.

Children's Dentist in Highland, CA

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