Latest Technology in Highland, CA

Digital Radiography in Highland, CA

Digital Radiography

Digital X-rays are the newest technology used in dentistry to take and archive dental X-rays. Digital X-rays significantly reduce the amount of radiation as compared to traditional dental X-rays. This technique captures a digital picture of teeth with their supporting bone structures and stores the images on a computer in our dental office. You and your dentist will be able to instantly view your X-rays and enlarge the image to aid in the identification of dental problems and to gauge your dental health. Your Highland, CA dentist will use this information to create an individualized treatment plan.

Orthophos E 2D in Highland, CA

Orthophos E 2D

Our new state-of-the-art office in is one of the few dental offices with an on-site 2D Cone Beam CT Scanner! This revolutionary technology provides images that allow Dr. Jhawar to thoroughly assess and plan each patient prior to any procedure. Unlike a traditional CT Scanner, this 2D system utilizes Cone Beam Technology and provides us with precise, crystal-clear images. We are able to accurately visualize and prepare for issues such as bone quality and the location of sinuses, nerves, and other vital anatomical landmarks. By utilizing this scan prior to surgery, we greatly improve our patients’ experience and deliver a positive treatment outcome.

Gemini EVO Laser in Highland, CA

Gemini EVO Laser

Introducing the amazing Gemini EVO Laser, specially designed to make your dental experience as comfortable and gentle as possible! This magical tool replaces scary scalpels and cauterizers, so you can say goodbye to pain, bleeding, and long recovery times. Its gentle touch ensures your child won't feel a thing, while minimizing bleeding during tissue removal, biopsies, and frenectomies. But the magic doesn't stop there—this laser can also sterilize bacteria, help heal cold sores, and make your child's dental visit a breeze. Get ready for a dental experience that's super friendly, painless, and quick, thanks to the amazing Gemini EVO Laser.

Dental Oral Images in Highland, CA

Intra-Oral Camera

Taking pictures of the teeth and supporting tissue with a small video camera about the size of a pen is a wonderful addition to dentistry today. The intra-oral camera creates digital images that can be stored on a computer. The images are shared with our patients so they can join us in the "co-diagnosis" of problems with their dental health. Your dentist can show you how others view your smile and which dental fillings are broken or discolored. We look forward to showing you a dental tour of your mouth in the privacy of your treatment room.

Soan Cordless Local Anesthetic Delivery System

At Brushketeers, we proudly utilize the Soan cordless electronic local anesthetic delivery system, ensuring a more comfortable dental experience for your child. This innovative device, known for its convenience and precision, is compact, lightweight, and eliminates the need for cords. With Soan at Brushketeers, your child can benefit from painless and effective numbing during procedures, experiencing immediate anesthesia without any residual numbness in surrounding areas. Its effortless administration in dense tissues minimizes the risk of tissue damage, prioritizing your child's comfort and well-being. Choosing Brushketeers means entrusting your child's dental care to Dr. Jhawar, who utilizes advanced technology like the Soan device for a more comfortable and pleasant dental visit.

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